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Serious Games

Serious games, also called simulations, are powerful tools to help people understand the need of new approaches, new tools, new processes or whatever other improvements in an organization.

Like the saying : "the proof of the pudding is in the eating", people can experience in a short time (one day), in a safe environment, how a new approach could work in real life.

We take the people out of the day-to-day work context and place them in a different context that is new for all participants. This context however contains challenges that are very similar to their real-life context.

The environment is safe, which means that there is no risk of production losses, business issues. The safety aspect also means that errors made by the participants have no consequences for them other than being a learning experience.

With our partners Imagine Management Games and Gamingworks (both from the Netherlands) we can offer a large selection of Serious Games aiming at different business issues, facilitated by seasoned consultants.
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